weekly photo challenge: the golden hour

Interesting challenge this week, and one I was eager to find besides-the-obvious meanings. Sure enough, according to Wikipedia, the golden hour can also mean . . .

  • the first hour a customer spends with a new product (software engineering)
  • the first hour “after major traumatic injury” (medicine)
  • 7 to 9 pm telly in Japan (Americans say prime time)

My favorite dictionary says . . .

GOLDEN, a. Made of gold; consisting of gold.  1. Bright; shining; splendid; as the golden sun. 2. Yellow; of a gold color; as a golden harvest; golden fruit. 3. Excellent; most valuable; as the golden rule. 4. Happy; pure; as the golden age, the age of simplicity and purity of manners.  5. Preeminently favorable or auspicious.

Here’s the WordPress post.


One thought on “weekly photo challenge: the golden hour

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