almost ta-da!

Practically fell asleep last night over the hand sewing of me Metro Middy Blouse, so am not quiiiite finished with this challenge. However, have several photos to share, explaining a few things.

Firstly, the pattern’s a breeze to make up.  (Folkwear’s Metro Middy Blouse)  My modifications were personal fit (short arms) and using a medium weight fabric (linen/cotton blend).  There are lots of layers to sew through as the front/neck facing gets sewn over the collar and blouse, often matching seams — which adds more layers. But my machine took everything in stride and carried on.  Must say I did think seriously about not having the under collar for just this reason, but resisted the thought. Next time there’s a medium weight fabric involved, will definitely plan for it, tho’.

Made another change by rounding the collar points (does that make it a not-really-authentic-middy?) because of so much bulk in seam allowances, even after I cut layers to within a few threads of the seam line.

As previously written, I also decided not to do any machine embroidery, and the time it’s taking to hem is making me less enthusiastic about any other embroidery, too. Although I did see something just yesterday… on telly, I think… a very dark red running stitch just outlining the collar & front of a little girl’s over-blouse…

As soon as I’ve finished tidying up, I’ll add a piccie of the finished project!


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