weekly photo challenge: world through your eyes

fabric piles on chair (yes, there IS a chair underneath) - reminding me I want to use these SOON
fabric piles on chair (yes, there IS a chair underneath) – reminding me I want to use these SOON

Well, you know I’m thinking fabric and colour and pattern all the time, so what better things to share in this week’s challenge?

Warning!  You are about to enter into the strange and wonderful thought processes of moi, matching fabric with pattern, style & colour.  Proceed with caution!

retro-inspired Balenciaga
Balenciaga dress – 20s fashion that’s very current: Love it!
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summer pattern board
summer pattern board

Inspiration: On left is a feminine and fresh Balenciaga that, minus that fuzzy hat, would look great for a 1920s day or night on the town.

On the right is my current wish list/pattern board, which I see all the time. It contains patterns from 1930s to 2013 styles.

It’s supposed to remind me of all those gorgeous things I want to make & wear NOW!

(Hope the un-subliminal messaging works – hee-hee!)

Which brings me to fabric bought last December,  but meant for this summer because they’re very light cottons.

2 light weight 100% cotton fabrics
2 light weight 100% cotton fabrics
(ignore the beige with berry branches at top right)

really wanted to use the white with cherries for Folkwear’s Metro Middy Blouse, but when I started laying out the pattern Sunday afternoon I realized there wasn’t enough. Rats! (Went with medium weight linen & cotton blend for that pattern, but that’s another post.)

Still thinking in blouse & skirt mode, I wandered over to me board of patterns …  I kept seeing the red, in me mind’s eye, as a circle skirt.  Scanning the  pattern board, I started thinking about elongating the bodice of Folkwear’s 1930s Day Dress.  Hmm… that might work as a blouse – just button it down the front a bit more.  Plus, it’s high on my Must Make This Summer list.

click to move to Folkwear's page!
click to move to Folkwear’s page!

A light bulb moment!  Why not go whole hog & make a skirt & blouse instead of a dress, using the bottom right view.  That’s my  Plan B… to see if there’s enough of both fabrics to make a tail on the bodice for a blouse, & a waist band for a separate skirt.

In your mind’s eye, can you visualise cherries on white fabric for the blouse, with maybe the red for the collar & sleeves? Then I’d do the skirt with the solid red, and maybe cherry fabric for the adorable pockets?? If there’s enough fabric….. and must use some cute buttons… that cherry fab needs cute buttons…

If not, no doubt there’s a Plan C or D or even E available, all from the pattern board.  Decisions!

(Have temporarily given up the idea of a circle skirt outta this red, of course.)  But not the idea of doing a circle skirt.  😉

(Oh, that ‘extra’ beige fabric with the berry branches? It’s slightly heavier 100% cotton & perfect for a-nother blouse with longer sleeves to wear with that skirt.)

Sometimes I wonder about meself… and need another creative person to bounce an idea off of.

Sew, what do you think?

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