i forgot to say… how ease affects size

Folkwear's #270 Metro Middy Blouse size chart

Folkwear’s #270 Metro Middy Blouse size chart. click to go to pattern online, then click photo to view larger photos

Was talking with a friend last night about sizing in RTW (ready to wear). She’s lost weight.  Wohoo!  Her size has changed, but to what???  Agh!  We discussed size charts.  Later it hit me: the charts say nothing about ease.  Oops!  Hope you’re reading this, My Friend!

Ever had a size x of something fit you perfectly, but the same size x in a different style – even from the same designer – is all wrong? Might be because the ease that was built into the 2 styles wasn’t the same.  Sometimes I’ve seen this referred to obliquely as  “relaxed” vs. “tailored” fit, or “curvy” vs. “slim” fit.  Being fair, this can also be affected by style & cut.

How can I tell about ease in RTW?  I go online, and look for comments, and if there’s an 800 number to call, I call it and ask about the fit: is it tight or loose at bust, waist, hip, & thigh?  I’ve probably sent back  as many items as I’ve kept.  Sometimes you just gotta put a garment on to see if it fits!

What if your measurements are a perfect size x, but every size x  you put on feels too small?  Could be ease.  Maybe your individual stride is longer than allowed for by the skirt designer, or you flex your shoulders all the time & there’s no room for that designed into the blouse.  Whatever the reason, buy what you feel comfortable wearing, and don’t pay attention to numbers. In fashion & pattern industries, there is no standardization of sizing.

I repeat: There Is No Standardization Of Sizing!


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