weekend update

Realized that buttons post might have left some unanswered questions, and we couldn’t have that, sew…

burda blouse button

completed burda blouse button back closure + embroidery

completed burda blouse button back closure + embroidery

I was faffing about a bit with buttons for the back closure for my burda blouse, then realized what a fab post a sampling of them would be, so I posted a few.  Couldn’t stop faffing, so added some embroidered french knots just because.  Result on the side here, which I’d meant to post after I’d posted the collection. Sorry I forgot!

indie pattern list update

Had a looong think about this list – like how to put it all together alphabetically, be able to update it whenever (added 1 just yesterday), how important it would be for us to know ahead of time the country of origin & if  international shipping was offered, and if offered, is it very expensive.

Decided to do a spreadsheet with those topics & am almost half through the 4 landscape-oriented  pages, Lovely Readers. It takes a bit of time delving into each site to locate the info, and upon occasion I couldn’t locate it.  Please wish me lots of luck with it, and I’ll let you know when it’s posted.  Which brings me to…


Yep, CnS is now on fb, sorta.  Haven’t had much time to explore and add to it; however, if you’d care to like me/follow me, I’d be delighted to have your company!

All for now – cheerio!


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