indie pattern challenge

New Zealand mates Kat & Mel, have another challenge going: supporting independent pattern designers.  How fab (& totally unplanned) is that, considering me resources page!

Details can be had by clicking their names above. Pinterest board is here.  Do hope you’ll participate!

My appreciation, purchase & use of indie patterns started in the 1990s because they were the only patterns available at my favorite fabric store at the time, The Sewing Place, and they were different from ‘regular’ patterns.  Not everyone hitting the chain fabric stores was going to be wearing them – definite plus.

The brick & mortar shop closed/morphed about several times, but is online and still stocks independent pattern designers. Yeah!

Over the years, I’ve owned & made patterns from many independents. Some patterns didn’t make it through travels & moves, some got re-bought after a move – you know how it goes, Dear Readers!

Here are some indie pattern companies i’ve known/used over the years…

Dos de Tejas    (can’t locate site; available from independent fabric stores)
Hot Patterns
Loes Hinse
Park Bench
Revisions/Diane Ericson
Silhouette Patterns

What am I planning next?  Folkwear’s 270 Metro Middy blouse, done as a lightweight jacket. You know ~ something light to throw over your shoulders in air conditioning.



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