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looks straight here but as soon as I walked outside into the humidity it looked like S-curves all round!
hat brim looks straight here but as soon as I walked outside into the humidity it looked like S-curves all round!

Have been doing lots, like washing/cleaning/planning new ironing board cover, dithering about how to get brim of spring crocheted hat a bit straighter, what ribbons to use for last week’ quick spring shift… not to mention Life’s stuff, aka laundry, groceries, further settling in/organizing, catching up with friends ~ Life’s administrivia!

Have I listed enough excuses for not being super productive?!

Will try to remember to get some kind of wiring to thread hopefully invisibly thru the  hat brim when I’m next either in a hardware or craft shop. That should sort it out.  Did you know wiring hat brims is normal? Not for every hat, of course, but the ones that do often cover the wire with some sort of trim, such as ribbon. I don’t want to do that because I think any trim will alter my ability to dress the hat up or down.  What do you think?!

On the home front, I’d noticed the shower curtain dragging the floor and wanted to put a hem in after its’ next wash, which happened yesterday. The fabric used is a heavy-weight 100% cotton similar (in weight) to denim — and you know how denim can stretch!

can you see the little almost dotted line (center) where the thread was pulled?
can you see the little almost dotted line (center) where the thread was pulled?

Guess the weight of the curtain was pulling the already long curtain down enough to drag the floor in this current bath. Planning for a future possibility of more height,  I did a 6-inch hem, using my machine and a straight stitch. Got out my packet of denim sewing machine needles and chose a larger size (14), but forgot to lengthen the stitch a bit. Not a big deal now, but if that hem has to come out in the future, it’ll take more time… oh, well!  😉

Because I was sewing through 3 & 4 thicknesses of fabric, I went slowly, kept my needle in the up position, and made sure no fabric dragged on the way under the needle because I didn’t want to risk breaking a needle, and  I succeeded. However, when almost done, a thread of the fabric somehow got pulled.

I stopped sewing immediately to check the needle — not bent or snapped – then cut the threads, carefully pulled the fabric out, and double-checked the needle & feed dog area.  Couldn’t find any problem or reason for the snag, so repositioned fabric and s-l-o-w-l-y completed the sewing.  Then I put the needle in my discard case, and hung the freshly-washed curtain back up… another job completed!

discarded needles
discarded needles

9 thoughts on “update on stuff…”

  1. What a wonderful job you did for the hat!!! love it! and it’s nice looking on you 🙂 don’t you love to cross projects on your to do list!? like that shower curtain… I have a couple of projects like this that i just keep postponing, maybe I should get to it too… or maybe they’ll wait a bit more LOL!


    1. Later ~

      Thank you sooo much for the compliments!
      Am certain your projects will wait, just like mine do.
      As someone quite delightful told me once, you’ll feel so much better after they’re done!


      1. Ha! Yes! But my moto for postponing is my cleaning won’t get away if i’m not doing it now…. But sometimes i wish it would… LOL!


          1. Don,t know 😦 but i make laundry and i’m happy if the laundry basket stays empty for at least an hour… As for vacuumming, when i’m done it takes less than 15 minutes and it looks like i did it the week before ha! But it gives us food opportunity to have some excercices in LOL


            1. Children at their ages are active, but it will pass… and then you’ll magically forget all about the laundry & the vacuuming and just miss all their cuteness. Or so I’m told… a big hug, mummy!


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