summer hat & fabric stash

can you see the brim's been started?!

can you see the brim’s been started?!

Spent lots of time this weekend going through fabric.  Now have all winter fabrics boxed up, awaiting Aug/Sept time frame.  And have all summer things boxed, with a lot of it washed-since-the-move and ready to cut out.  Phew!

After all that, plus getting me serger back and playing with it, just spent a lotta time crocheting in front of telly.  Hat’s almost done – yeah!


2 thoughts on “summer hat & fabric stash

  1. Cul de Sac

    What yarn are you using? Looks like raphia 😉 congrats to have been stronger than those piles of fabrics, glad they didn’t got the best of you lol! And your hat is lovely looking and real summery feel!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Oops! Yarn is Natural Club by Long-Chung; “Made from natural wood pulp, Nontoxic & recyclable, Water-resistant”
      Yep, it’s raffia & darned hard to crochet with! Wavy brim is supposed to iron out, once it’s finished. We’ll see!

      Thanks for the compliment, but I cheated & just stuffed everything back into the plastic bins. But at least the heavier fabrics are on the bottom, and I’ve remembered a few summery fabrics I’d forgotten.

      Hope you’re catching up up there!


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