speaking of Spring hats & cleaning

Finished the first bit of the hat for my friend who’s out of town. Then decided to start me summer hat as it’ll be needed eventually.

Making a bit of headway in organising a new sewing space, and am taking part in the Spring Clean Your Sewing Room that Hannah Smith is hosting over on her blog, made with hugs and kisses.

spring-clean-your-sewing-space-big-buttonAm now taking photos of all patterns, as Great Friend Karen’s doing, and will make notes in somethingerother to help keep track of what’s what. Would you believe all my patterns are in 2 small file boxes?! Am trying to use more of them, not just collect & gaze wistfully.

The fabric stash, which is currently in 3 humongous plastic tubs, may continue in them, at least whilst in this teeny place. Am slowly collecting all the bits & bobs scattered hither & yon and putting them near/on/under the new table upon which my sewing machine & serger will sit.

As you can see, the sewing machine’s already there. Uhm ~ just realized the big red lamp can now be put sewing tablethere instead of a corner of the keyboard… and have brought out the few sewing books I moved. There’s sew much online (sorry, couldn’t resist) that many things seemed redundant as I was packing up to move. Sew changes have been made since last night…

5 thoughts on “speaking of Spring hats & cleaning”

  1. Glad to see that you have a sewing corner! it will be much easier to get sewing now… no more excuses 😛 can’t wait to see that summer hat! XX


  2. It is GREAT that you are getting involved and spring cleaning your sewing space. There will be a post in a couple of weeks about ways to organise patterns so perhaps you will find some inspiration there, or maybe you could suggest some ideas of your own 😀
    Good luck, I’m sure your sewing space will look fantastically organised once you are done!


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