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a 2008 collection of sale yarns - all gone now...
a 2008 collection of sale yarns – all gone now…

Yep, CurlsnSkirls is now on Ravelry.  You must become a member to see much, but the resources are very deep and it’s relatively easy to navigate through… except I can’t locate their info to get the right logo onto this site… but that’ll appear one of these days!

This summer’s version of last winter’s hat has been started, which sort of posed the query to self again, echoing my old yarn shop’s perennial suggestion that I get meself onto Ravelry.

The yarn used for this version’s made from recycled paper.  It’s like a skinny raffia that’s been ironed flat. The link takes you to Ravelry’s pattern page, which shows the yarn made into the hat. My hat might not come out quite the same, as I want a wider brim.

Working a crochet hook with this ain’t easy, but I’m determined ~ at this point ~ to get through it.  Don’t think I’ll get more though.  $19 USD is too much to pay for the effort of working it. Give me a nice, soft yarn anytime, specially if it’s got some rayon!

Jolly big shout out to Josée over at Cul de Sac, who’s doing a huge craft fair tomorrow.  She has gorgeous things in her etsy shop, too – hint, hint!

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  1. Thank you for your message, Josée!
    Yes, me winter hat is half cotton, half rayon. Lovely soft hand, and a nice sheen.
    Have also done some rayon ribbon shawls, but don’t remember details except I enjoyed working them up.


  2. Awww how nice of you to have been thinking of me 🙂 and I’m so happy to see you on Rav, it will get much more easier to stalk you haha! maybe will see you soon on Facebook ha! 😛 i looooove the feel of rayon but have neither knitted or crocheted with it, have you??


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