happy earth day!

a soon-to-be-skirt out of brushed cotton that feeld yummy!
a soon-to-be-skirt out of brushed cotton that feels yummy!

In honor of earth day, thought this palm leaf print was appropriate.

Found a 1-yard remnant last week & couldn’t resist it. Waverly is a well-known brand of home decorating fabric.  This piece is a medium weight 100% cotton, with a fairly large print. Will make a good skirt for cool spring/fall days, as I felt the print a bit too big for anything else.

summer gathered dress
Still deciding whether to put in a small placket using the chopped off border, or the remnant with gathers.

talk about raveling!
talk about raveling!

The long raveled tail on the right illustrates why I normally both zigzag and use pinkers before pre-washing rayon fabric.  Forgot – oops!  😉  Will trim & zigzag when my machine comes home.

sewing machine update

It comes home on Wednesday – yeah!!! The tech said there was a tiny glitch, which is why I couldn’t reverse, do buttonholes, or a batch of decorative stitches. The store (that’s done the cleaning & adjusting) has a sale on feet, and I’d like to get several, if they’re not too expensive. Then I can really get cracking with this machine. Am so excited, specially after spending a great week with Karen, my super sewer & crafter friend, and her neighbor & fellow crafter Carolyn.

Meanwhile, am pulling out scissors and starting on the fabric from last week’s sales at those 2 nationally known fabric/craft stores here in the States, Joann & Hancock. Will keep you posted!