summer dress~ first steps

You really do need to zigzag a fabric like this, especially if it’s rayon, as this one is. The gathered edges still curl, but they’ll be zigzagged all the way down, making raveling seams less ravely. If you’ve got a serger, that’s an even stronger/better edge finish.

Length is a personal thing. Personally, I think mid-calf is good, but I know I have to be careful. Just below the knee is too short for me, mid-calf just focuses attention on my fat calfs, so below the fullest part is my choice. Then I don’t have to lift the skirt every time I climb stairs, and summer breezes can keep me cooler. (Thanks to Karen for taking some photos!)

What’s your choice?

4 thoughts on “summer dress~ first steps”

  1. Just looked up your patterns – I also bought some Vogues, including 1343. When I get to it, I’ll show you mine, and we’ll look for yours, too! Yep, when Vogue’s on sale for $3.99 we all take notice!


  2. I was just looking at pretty summery dress patterns yesterday; all the Vogue patterns were marked down to and incredible price of $3.99. I didn’t find the perfect pattern for myself, but I saw some great styles. I thought Vogue 1343, 1298 and 8871 (for simple classic) were all very nice patterns.


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