photo chalenge: colour (or, Spring sewing projects)

As weather turns into Spring am trying to get inspired to get sewing done.

Thank goodness Good Friend Karen’s coming to blast me out of the doldrums… and help get something bigger than current teeny 20-inch diameter “sewing table” set up.

Have need to get lots of things at least cut out, so trolled thru stash and above is what I’ve seen thus far.

Colour? You betcha! Love wearing it 24 months of the year.  😉

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8 thoughts on “photo chalenge: colour (or, Spring sewing projects)”

  1. If you started by photographing patterns, you’d probably soon get interested in photographing the outcome of the pattern. Before long you might hear enough about sewing from more positive viewpoints, you might have to give it another try. Who knows!


  2. Thank you so much for visiting & commenting!
    Yes, those stamp fascinated me, too.
    Have to hurry to get it made up before summer heat really arrives, as fabric is a little heavy.
    Fabric’s recommended for upholstery… but cheating is definitely allowed. He-he!


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