Photo challenge: future tense

ashamed to say this was in the resale bin, but as it immediately came to mind, it's staying and being hung ~~~ as it's tiny, it will fit almost anywhere, and isn't that what it's all about?
ashamed to say this was in the resale bin, but as it instantly came to mind, it’s staying & being hung ~~~ it’s tiny & will fit anywhere ~~~ isn’t that what it’s about?!

Just a quick post before racing out the door.  Busy week as usual, but the sewing machine is out and things are happening. More later!

Above is a 3×4 inch chipped piece of slate I found years ago at a Northern California craft fair. It’s hung with a small loop of leather thong, which is what you see knotted.

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10 thoughts on “Photo challenge: future tense”

  1. ah man!!! why do you wanna see them there that bad??! It’s kind of an hassle to put them there just yet since I have a craft faire in a month and not sure I’ll come back home with them… soooo i was thinking to put the remnant there when I’m back. does that make sense?? 😉 can’t wait to see what you are working on!


  2. Thank you, cherî!
    But of course I’m sewing ~ stay-stitched all round that navy rayon, but it’s been cold again, so have sort of lost interest again.
    Have been working on other things, as you’ll see when I have a chance to get them online.
    When are your coffee cup warmers gonna be on etsy?!


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