little navy rayon

rayon remnant reminiscent of the 30s
rayon remnant reminiscent of the 30s

Picked this up as a remnant for very little dosh, and immediately cut it out. Then let it age for several months… a number of months. But we’ve all done that!  (Haven’t we?)

The rayon is what I’d call a medium weight, and I decided to try out the slip part of  Vogue 1103. Don’t remember why I thought of that at the time, but now am thinking nice little summer nightgown, or house dress.  Definitely too low to wear comfortably anywhere but in private. Tut-tut! The fabric irons beautifully, washes & feels ditto. Reminiscent of a 30’s pattern, don’cha think?

thought a close-up of that pattern might be nice
thought a close-up of that pattern might be nice

It was on the top of the excavated box from the other day, along with thread, and assorted other goodies.  Pressed all the wrinkled pattern pieces and fabric into loveliness, and realized everything’s cut on the bias. So it stretches, and doesn’t ravel.

Only 2 pattern pieces – front & back – and a few self-fabric bias strips for arms and neckline. Has 2 bust darts, which were designed out of clothes round about the 1980’s. In my book, that makes it retro. Guess I thought it might need a bit of elastic to fit properly, as I’ve made meself a note to use clear elastic if necessary.

here's the drawing, from Vogue's web site ~ thank you, Vogue!
here’s the drawing, from Vogue’s web site ~ thank you, Vogue!

Wouldn’t it look nice with red binding, though… but don’t have any, and am too busy to go out and get some!

This was cut out before I had my nifty pinking sheers, but that bias cut stopped the raveling, even with all the handling. Guess if I were really doing the right thing, I’d French seam the sides. But bias, at least this bias, stretches too easily. Am hoping this will be a quick and easy project.

Hope those aren’t famous last words.  😉


6 thoughts on “little navy rayon”

  1. love your fabric choice, and no, I have never let something age in my sewing room… 😉
    yes, it would have been nice with red bias tape. but whatever you choose, i’m sure will be great looking!


      1. I was being self laughing here… yes, i have a “fabric stash” (mostly clothing) and i do let my piles age a bit before using lol!
        I knew for the red bias tape because you wrote you were thinking about using it LOL!!! i think you need more of those muffins… you are getting distracted! hahaha!


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