weekly photo challenge: lost in the details

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This collection of photos was taken in Chicago in 2008.  I had an old digital camera I was trying out, and walked a frigid half mile over to a conservatory, got into the steamy tropical climate and began shooting.

Once home, I realized the camera had reacted to the abrupt changes of temp & humidity by fogging up.  As the camera was old, that didn’t bother me, and I decided the results didn’t either.

Coincidentally, have also done somewhat the same thing with words, below, and hope you don’t get lost in the detail!

The English language can be very frustrating to learn. So many words have so many different meanings, and/or spellings, all with perhaps very similar pronunciation.

In that light, this week we’ve got all the definitions from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary for the 2 key words of the challenge: lost and detail(s).  The appropriate definition is italicized.

LOST, pp. [from lose.]  1. Mislaid or left in a place unknown or forgotten; that cannot be found; as a lost book.  2. Ruined; destroyed; wasted or squandered; employed to no good purpose; as lost money; lost time.  3. Forfeited; as a lost estate.  4. Not able to find the right way, or the place intended.  5. Bewildered; perplexed; being in a maze; as, a speaker may be lost in his argument.  6. Alienated; insensible; hardened beyond sensibility or recovery; as a profligate lost to shame; lost to all sense of honor.  7. Not perceptible to the senses; not visible; as an isle lost in fog; a person lost in a crowd.  8. Shipwrecked or foundered; sunk or destroyed; as a ship lost at sea, or on the rocks.

DETAIL, v.t.  1. To relate, report or narrate in particulars; to recite the particulars of; to particularize; to relate minutely and distinctly; as, he detailed all the facts in due order.  2. To select, as an officer or soldier from a division, brigade, regiment or battalion.
DETAIL, n.  1. A narration or report of particulars; a minute and particular account.  2. A selecting of officer or soldiers from the rosters.

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