2 March 2013

I do humbly beg Lovely Readers’ pardon for the past few months’ oddities.  Realized lately that since October it’s been monthly travel except when a sister passed.  February’s jaunt was a thousand permanent miles, yielding that drastic Internet solution.

These photos are from the former closet, the un-packing paper, and the new closet before & after a re-do.  To say we’re downsizing isn’t in error!

stash & sewing machine

Currently, fabric is sitting in huge plastic boxes until there’s something better.  Haven’t gotten to the dealer with my machine either.  It sews fine, I think… haven’t plugged it in as there’s no table to put it on.   Waaaailll ! ! !  😉

There’s a nice new table all ready to be set up as soon as there’s space.  Me thinks the queen bed will be replaced with something much more compact.

Sew a bit more patience, Dear Readers, and pardon the pun!


PS/ Forgot the best part of that closet re-do: everything was 30% off & volunteers came & installed it.  They’re due a tasty treaty!


2 thoughts on “life happens …

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Yes ~ new ways of seeing things are good things.
      Meant to comment to say so glad you have your power back, and are cozy again.
      Those photos are bee-u-tiful!!!

      Will have quite a few bits of clothes & fabric to recycle.
      Send email if you are!

      And CONGRATULATIONS on your sewing business taking foo!!!


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