threads’ book on fitting

courtesy of Threads magazine site, as referenced below
courtesy of Threads magazine site, as referenced below

Found several new books on sewing last week and started looking through them last night.

The first one is Threads Fitting for Every Figure.  So many books go over the same batch of information, and as I’ve several already, this won’t be added.  But here’s something interesting ~

Looking up the link, I read some of the reviews. They reminded me of something I read recently about Internet produce reviews in general.

The article said that companies are paying people to write positive comments about their product. Companies are also paying for people to write negative things about competitors’ products.

One way to tell the difference is to see if there’s a direct reference to the product or service.  Is it enough to indicate the person actually came in contact with the product?!  Then it’s probably a legitimate review.  If it’s a general, this-is-a-wonderful-thingey, I’d disregard it!

Getting back to the book ~

One of the reviewers said the book’s simply a collection of appropriate articles from Threads magazine, and gave some examples from her own experience as a magazine reader & saver of fitting articles relevant to her body type.

I can’t comment on her accuracy, but it sounds quite logical, and something I’ve seen Threads do before.  One or two of the illustrations helped me understand some of the fitting definitions, as they seemed clearer to me.  But that’s very personal!

An opinion?  If you run across this book, do look through it.  See if their examples are helpful to you.  If no light bulbs go on, put it back where you found it!