more maintenance


sometimes you just can’t help being different – vive la diference! (and pardon my poor French spelling)

Have had escalating interference with my Internet connection.  Borrowing Ms. Karen’s over the holidays was quite a revelation, so I vowed to find a solution.

Found it, but it’s drastic & requires some time offline.  Am hoping it won’t be more than a week, but will just have to wait and see.  Agh!

That’s why I haven’t been “liking” or commenting anywhere for months, and why that function’s currently not on this site.

It’s not because I don’t ❤❤❤ love ❤❤❤ all of you & read your posts all the time — reeeally, I do!

Getting everything  figured out has been a process.  Not much time for sewing.  (Double bleck!) And as my machine needs attention anyway… Figured internet and sewing machine maintenance might just as well get done at the same time.    Looong sigh.

Then I’ll turn a few things back on, gradually, and observe how they’re reacting.

Thanks so much for your patience ~ hope to be back soon!


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