cocoa sludge

jar of sludge

Know this might not be the most appetizing name for an instant sweeten-to-taste hot cocoa mix, but it’s original!

Firstly, know that I like my cocoa dark.  Very dark.  And not sweet.  As in no sugar at all.  (With good cocoa, that’s definitely an option.)

One day, thinking that I’d like to be able to mix up a mug of the stuff, either hot or cold, got me thinking.

Cocoa doesn’t mix with milk too well.  It does best in hot water, which is why the traditional recipes for cocoa start with boiling water.  But that takes too long, leaves a pan to wash, and waters down the cocoa too much for my taste.

Persnickety, ain’t I!

One day I tried equal parts of hot water and cocoa, mixed together more or less without lumps, and put it in the frig to cool.


Now I can microwave a mug of milk, add a spoon of sludge, and be off enjoying my cocoa in minutes, without a pan to wash.

Give it a go – you might enjoy each family member having exactly what they prefer, and no pan to wash afterwards.