being brave…


Or trying to visualise what these fabrics would look like together.

Am thinking a princess-seamed blouse, with darker on the outside & lighter on the inside, if there’s enough of the blue for skinny-sleeved version.

Blue is supposed to be rayon, but feels like very soft flannel.  Rayon flannel remnant. maybe?

Teeny plaid is soft 100% cotton from my fabulous CA stash.  Really fringes beautifully, so want to incorporate that feature, too.  And maybe some lovely red button down the front…

V8598: one of my choices, bought last summer on sale.  art courtesy McCall's-Vogue site
V8598: one of my choices, bought last summer on sale.
art courtesy McCall’s-Vogue site

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “being brave…”

  1. No problem – I’m quite if-y about it meself. Just can’t decide…

    Problem is I love both fabrics but don’t have enough of either to do anything but a skirt of each. And they’re both so cuddly I would like them somewhere on me upper torso, not lower. Decisions, decisions…


  2. If you ask for my taste… I would not go with the plaid, but as I’m not in your head what you have in mind could be very interesting 😉 just trying to help and hope you don’t think i’m rude… Just can’t wait to see what yo’ll with it all!


  3. Hi! Thanks so much for your comments. Don’t worry about your english! I need to apologise, too. I should have explained.. .

    Look closely at the blue blouse drawing. See where the buttons are placed?? There are actually 4 long, shaped pieces that make up the front bodice, and you can see the lines of them running from top of shoulder to bottom hem. See them, bisected by the buttoned front? Those 2 panels, one of either side of the row of red buttons, are the inside bodice pieces that I’d do in the red plaid. The outside panels, plus skinnier sleeve from other view, are what I’d do out of the blue fabric.

    My apologies for not being clearer!


  4. Just saw i left some words out lol! I meant we won’t SEE the plaid fabric… And i should have wrote finishED. Sorry for my english ha!


  5. Really like the blue fabric! So the way you see it, we won’t really the plaid fabric on the inside when it’s finish? Red buttons would be fabulous 🙂 you know me! Just love red! The blouse is quite nice looking too, very flattering 😉


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