a december project

after wearing several times without the red button, decided to add it... just cause red's so nice!
after wearing several times without the red button, decided to add it… just cause red’s so nice!

Apologies for the delay in reporting my experiment with a zippered hoodie sweatshirt.  I wanted to change the overall effect from casual to something more feminine.  Hm… tried out some lace and crochet work.  A piece that seemed just right had tiny stains that wouldn’t bleach out.   Buttons might hid the stains.

You know I  couldn’t resist that combination!

The sweatshirt fabric was too thick to sew comfortably by hand.  Had to use lots of very short straight stitches, with the needle stopping in the down position so everything could be shifted around the circle.  Actually, that didn’t get done too accurately, so button placement came to the rescue!  Then I got out the pliers to help get the needle through the fabric enough times to sew on the buttons.

Some buttons flop around a bit because they’re shank buttons, but I don’t mind.

All that’s needed now is an idea for replacing the frayed ribbed cuffs.  Suggestions?

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  1. You could have tea stained the doily, maybe it would have hide the small stains… But maybe it would have been too dark too 😉 love the red button! Love red 🙂


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