last weekend’s movie

Haven’t been able to get the dresses off my mind this week, watching the movie a second time just to be certain clothes were as good as I’d thought.  Alas, the film went back to the library, but there are photos available online I can share!

Hadn’t seen this particular Nick & Nora Charles mystery from 1945, and was captivated by Irene’s clothes for Myrna Loy.  Although Irene’s not credited on her Wiki page, she is in the film & on IMDB, and there’s a slideshow on the second.

In the above trailer on YouTube, I looove the suit & hat she’s wearing in the train scene! (#1 in slideshow)  See # 2 & 7 in this slideshow for adorable house dresses – as wearable today as they were then, tho’ I might scale the shoulder pads down a bit unless going to a 40s event.  Also  in the TNT scene below.

It’s Friday – enjoy!

2 thoughts on “last weekend’s movie”

  1. So glad you enjoyed the movie clips, Kerri. Am not a seamstress, but have to remember to listen to the plot sometimes, because I get so enthralled with costuming…
    Lol! 🙂


  2. I always look at clothes whiles watching movies, too. It’s a “hazard” of being a seamstress. I’ve thought long and hard about how important costuming is in making a motion picture a success… it’ critical, and yet these people get very little recognition.

    OMG, the movie clip is “something else.” I found myself looking at the raised foyer and started designing a house in my imagination. 🙂 Love the woman’s high pitched voice and the mock spanking…. so blissfully PIC.:)


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