Seasonal time changes

Northern hemisphere people are slipping into heating mode, so get out those humidifiers and clean them up.  Time to get out winter boots and coats, hats, scarves, and gloves, too.

Southern hemisphere folks are heading into summer.  Remember the Aussie line: Slip, Slap & Slop.  Slip into a shirt, Slap on a hat, and Slop on the sun creme.

Both hemispheres:  Keep yourself well hydrated, remembering that alcohol and caffeine drain water out of the body, so avoid them.

Seasonal time changes for many countries are also coming up.  Don’t miss rehearsals or performances because you forgot the date.  In the U.S., turn clocks back 1 hour on Saturday, November 3, before you go to bed.  (Official start is 2 A.M. Sunday morning.)

Other countries vary their change dates, so if you’re headed out of your normal home, check with someone in that country to confirm when their time shifts.

Here’s a Wiki article on the subject.