delving into history

Simplicity Sewing Books from 1937 (L) & 1945 (R)

Simplicity Sewing Books from 1937 (L) & 1945 (R)
look at the price: 15 cents!

ACK.  This should have been published yesterday…

Am always interested in researching, particularly if it’s about vintage clothes or sewing techniques.  Decided to order Simplicity Sewing Books from 1930, 1940, and 1950, but have had to make a shift with the 1950 edition, and ordered the 1950 Singer Sewing Book instead.

What a revelation!  They reminded me of many techniques and experiences I’d forgotten.  After a 20+ period of not sewing much, all that previous experience seemed not to apply to current sewing trends.  Or was forgotten.  I thought I had to start all over again, and that was not very encouraging.  Now I realize those techniques are still valuable, are being used, and I’m simply shifting away from current patterns to patterns in my comfort zone.  Not to mention sit & style.

Debi, over at My Happy Sewing Place… is currently doing an alphabetical series of posts on different techniques as listed in the Singer book, which is partly why I decided to shift. It’s definitely something to have on my shelf.

Can’t tell you which is my fav post so far but I …

~  ordered 2 pieces of jersey for blouses after her post on ka-nits (knits; didn’t you ever joke about ka-nife?)
~  search the web looking for patterns for faggoting on collars such as she’s displayed
~  can’t begin to write about her lace post because it’s so informative!

Pick a favorite?  LOLOLOLOL ! ! ! ! !

Course,   the icing on the cake is Debi’s fabulous collection of her-made vintage clothes, and frequent photos of her home town, Edinburgh, Scotland


5 thoughts on “delving into history

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Jack, don’t think a thing about it.
      Time is elastic & so am I.
      Am also thrilled to have you & your gypsy brightening up me cyber world.

      Keep it up, Mate!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      The book arrived whilst I was at conference.
      Couldn’t wait to dive in once home.
      You’re absolutely correct.
      Everything covered lightly in the Simplicity volumes is explained **in detail** in this.
      Plus lots more.
      Now I wish I could give up the day stuff & just sew!


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