so far this week

ta-da!  transitional green skirt done

ta-da! transitional green skirt done

Autumn’s arrived, and it was time to go through clothes stashed away a year ago, dig out boots, start piles for mending (already hemmed 2 skirts), and charity shops, etc. Time away from real sewing.  😉

VOGUE 8750

VOGUE 8750
doing green skirt, middle right

Have view B of Vogue 2637 (1991) cut and ready to zip up.  Also have a new pattern (Vogue 8750 green skirt view) cut & ready to assemble.  The skirt has so many pieces in such a tight layout it could easily have been a Depression era design.  Cut a mid-calf length, and have a little extra fabric in case it needs walking room.  Dying to put a godet into something!

Lots more projects in the pipeline at home & work, so posts will slow down.
Hope everyone is healthy, busy & productive!

idea from RTW skirt just rehemmed

how clever !
buttons & buttonholes on waistband are decorative on this RTW fall skirt


8 thoughts on “so far this week

  1. Kerri

    I have the same pattern and way trying to fit it onto a remnant… wouldn’t work so I put it away. I’ll be interested to see how it fits when you’re finished.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Keeping in mind we’re all differing shapes, and mine is short everywhere except around, am not certain my experience will help, but will definitely be reporting on progress!
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

  2. Cul de Sac

    Lookin’ way too good! Glad to finally see the skirt that gave you so much troubles lol! It’s nice looking and will look good with many tops I bet! And love your waist band with buttons, so clever and it hads a professional touch! Well done!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Hope everyone understood the waistband example is on a ready-to-wear skirt I’d just hemmed & was pressing.
      Hadn’t paid attention to those buttons before, and was chagrined to realize I’d missed such a charming detail.

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          No online photos has always been my policy.
          So was grateful to be able to cite him as another example.
          If appropriate, perhaps you might teach him about setting good examples, which doesn’t depend on age. I’m grateful to join him on this personal privacy issue!

          Really must be awake when writing… sigh.


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