happy autumn!

muffin~ cake
muffin~ cake

To honor my favorite season’s arrival, and matching weather (yeah!), I decided to make up Josée’s double chocolate oatmeal muffins… except they turned into cake.

I fiddled with the recipe a bit, just to suit what was in the larder & personal taste, then baked at 350 more or less for almost an hour. With the chocolate chips being melted internally, it was a little difficult to judge when it was done. But my nose told me (real death-by-chocolate aroma), and the results are definitely scrumptious!

Hope everyone has a lovely season!

(And thank you so much for the recipe, Josée!)

6 thoughts on “happy autumn!”

    1. Ah, have several other recipes for oatmeal cakes, which must be how I got the idea… in addition to being lazy & not finding those little papers for the cupcakes so I don’t have to scrub the pan!
      Substantial yes, but for dinners, no problem.


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