downton abbey series 3 started in UK


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Contains no plot details

Downton Abbey Season 3 has started in the U.K.   Anyone interested in the upcoming season is in luck.

One review I just read said: It’s marcel waves, crushed velvets, and jet beading a-plenty.

The only photos I found, after a less than exhaustive search, show gowns covered from the weather by modern coats.  However, we know it’s 1920’s this season.  Not my favorite for fashion, but perhaps there’s something I can utilize, besides crushed velvet.   And beading. (drool-drool)

Meanwhile, click & enjoy.  And for those lucky U.K. readers, don’t give away the plot too soon!


ITV Photos

YouTube Preview

YouTube trailer here

(sorry, couldn’t get these to embed)

Here’s a short collection of different articles, for those starved for things Downton ~ I’ve marked those with plot disclosure.

Guardian article about one designer’s inspiration from the series.  Dated 31 July, it hasn’t any plot details.

The Telegraph has a series of articles and some photos, costumes covered almost always, but articles contain plot details.

Daily Mail: A bit about that chauffeur… contains nothing plot-related.

Vogue on makeup used on set (from Jan 2012, so no plot details)

Guardian – Lady Cora in real life… sings in a rock band! (no plot details)

Specific detailed review of episode 1 available from The Guardian.


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