frozen hats & braided ric rack

frozen hats

frozen hats

The summer hat was in the freezer for glue removal (freezing it works!), and the 100% wool felt was being checked for dust.  (Seems if you put a felted hat in the freezer for several days any dust rises to the surface and you can brush it off.)  Didn’t see any dust, but brushed the hat anyway.

Quite interesting to braid ric rack.  Discovered I had to pin the r-r every 6-8 inches or it went twirling around like crazy.   It still twirled after that, as I discovered when I had to pin it down to the ironing board to iron it flat (see big wad below).

wad of ric rack

wad of ric rack

Why ric rack?  Why JUMBO ric rack??  Has to do with lengthening the hem on the summer skirt.  Turns out it takes more ironing that I can muster to get out the 3-year crease from the last hem.  Solution: Cover it.  Hence, the ric rack.  It’s retro, so why not?

Decided to machine stitch the lowered hem because the hand-stitching wasn’t holding the heavy fabric well enough.

ric rack at skirt hem

ric rack at skirt hem


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