30 August 2012

hat without glue ! ! !

hat sans glue
delightedly reporting it peeled & chipped off

MAJOR thank you to Josée of Cul de Sac for her suggestion ! !


6 thoughts on “glue + freezing = NO GLUE ! ! !

      1. Cul de Sac

        My trick so we don’t waste them is to cut them up in ready to go size in a vegetable ziploc in the fridge… Love the veggy ziplocs, they keep veggies crisp for much longer!

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Ahhh… thanks for the tip on veggie zl’s.
          Will try to be more proactive in prepping veggies!

          PS/Have you tried freezing grapes?
          Just got this hint & am trying it now.
          Wonderful little pop of sweetness & refreshing in a heat wave!


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