transitional green skirt ~ seam binding

completed pockets
first effort: completed pockets
(don’t look too closely!)

Got the 2 rolls of basic-black-and-white rayon binding a week ago, but didn’t feel up to tackling the seam binding issue until today.

Read through Lilac and Lace’s excellent tutorial again, decided to use her first method, and without further thought went straight for the pockets.

Got thoroughly stuck into the first pocket before realizing I’d chosen the hardest bit first — oops — but was too stubborn to switch… e-hem.

Turned out not too badly, tho’.  Learned this seam binding does do curves.  My problems were not being able to decide which needle position and which sewing foot worked best.  I shifted the needle all the way to the left, and that worked a little better, then got out the zipper foot.  Both helped, but working narrow seams of black on dark green just wasn’t very easy.  But they are done, and don’t look too badly, if one doesn’t look too closely.

Realized I’d been so preoccupied I’d forgotten to iron the seam binding flat after stitching the first seam down.  Am doing the straight seams differently, with the ironing bits included.  Haven’t used pins yet, but might give that a try, too.

Rayon seam binding comes in a bazillion colours, so I could have matched the green, but might have wound up cross-eyed and hating the entire project, not to mention having a large roll of binding left over!

Have had my hearty tea, talked to a good friend, and bobbled through this update, so will go back to the project.  What else to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?