winter black hat
winter black hat
started it all

I’ve been working on my closet… tossing out a lot of things and deciding what’s needed vs. wanted.  Tough, isn’t it?!

Got to the top plastic bag, with the gorgeous extravagant winter hat I’ve never worn… I started looking up how to care for it, how to clean/dust it… and that got me further interested.  But I’ve always loved hats!  So this has been more of a reintroduction and education.  Thus my raid on library books and web wanderings.

Hats have a very ancient tradition, which several books brought out.  Since that’s not my interest, I glanced through and got to more contemporary styles. It’s surprising how many styles used in the 20’s and 30’s are still used today.  The winter black hat is a cloche (French for hat bell), which adds to its cachet as far as I’m concerned.

Russian veiling on
black winter hat

I also love the veil, which I discovered is called Russian veiling, and always has the little squares & triangles.  It seems readily available, at least in black and white.

I realized the hat pin is genuine but alas, not vintage.  Silver’s not my color, so I’ll look for gold or brass (preferred).

Because I generally wear glasses, I’ve always been concerned about combining them with hats.  Seems as long as your eyebrows show sufficiently between glasses & brim, you’r fine.  Considering so many wear hats & sunglasses, don’t know why I worried, but I did…

Facial shape also affects which hat might or might not look suitable.  But there’s so much variety between shapes and proportions, and so many different acceptable “looks” that I’d leave it to the wearer to decide if s/he likes the hat in question.

I did learn the proper way to try on a hat – and you MUST try it on before purchasing!!!  With 2 hands, take the front & the back (generally the label is there) of the hat and slide it onto your head from forehead back.  That’s also the easiest on the coiffure.

But the important step is the second one: working the hat.  Move it backward, forward, tilt it slightly to either side.  You can even try in on backward! If something works, it works.  If not, keep trying on other hats.

The extra benefits of wearing hats, besides keeping warmer in winter and shadier in summer, are wonderful!  If you’ve not been a hat-wearer, I urge you to give it a go!

hat books
hat books

18 thoughts on “hats”

  1. “just for the fun of it” is another key for you! And if that leads you into something else…
    (Gallic shrug) At least you’re having fun!
    I laugh when I think of all the fun you’re going to have, once you get over this hurdle & get on with playing.

    For winter, think about ear-warmers… I’ve seen lovely crochet & knit ones, with flower embellishments, button closure, etc…

    Suggestion: When you have to wear something that disturbs your coiffure, it’s your cue to go ‘powder your nose.”
    That is, in front of a mirror take off your hat, freshen lipstick if you wear it, and run wet fingers through your curls to revive them.
    Hats are very feminine, and we can take advantage of that judiciously.



  2. You might be right! I think i’ll try some fabric slouchy hats, just for the fun of it :)) you might have send me on another path now…


  3. Good for you!
    The slouchy one is your key: find more slouchy hats!

    Can you cut off the top of the straw & sew/glue on something else to make it slouchy?
    Or leave it open, with some trim to cover the edge?

    Through the ages women have done all kinds of things to hats, remaking & updating them.
    Why should we not do the same ?!

    As creative as you are with fabrics, this should be a great thing for you to undertake!
    You know, there are hat patterns available all over the internet… LOL!



  4. Love your quote!!
    Yes i have! I have one hat (straw) that is well suiting on me, but i have to keep it on all day because it flattens all my air lol! And l have a winter hat i knitted, slouchy one so it’s not too bad on the curls 😉


  5. Dear Reader, the only way to convince yourself is to try.
    Have you?
    That’s a rhetorical question – I don’t want an answer!

    Courage is the person who is afraid, but goes forward anyway.
    Are you afraid of fooling around with ribbons & scarves & stuff, in front of a mirror at home?
    They can’t hurt you!

    Go play!
    Make something on the side to take the eye away from the linear.
    Perhaps a big bow, or bunch of flowers stuck into a sweat band or scarf or men’s tie.
    Go & play!



  6. Preparing another post, lovely reader… think headbands, ribbons/scarves in 20’s styles, and big-brimmed hats with crowns removed so your curls can breathe!


  7. OMG!
    Wish I were close enough to come & help out.
    Those hats & boxes are valuable!!!
    Please get them to someone on etsy or ebay & don’t throw them away, every wrinkled ribbon or faded flower!


  8. I’ve been helping clean out my Great Aunt Sylvia’s apartment (passed at 100)– her closet is full of hats in all styles, all in fancy hat boxes. A different era for sure.


  9. You are so correct – mercî! I was reading again tonight and realized my mistake… and will make this change.

    Do not give up on hats for yourself! Keep trying them on and playing with them. You will want something that compliments your facial shape, and allows your curls to curl (very much in favor of curls!). Still have all my books & will look through them for you… but not right now as it’s very late — or early.



  10. CLoche is the french name for bell. Named like that because of the shape. Hat in french is chapeau! (don’t want to be rude or anything 🙂 just want to help!! ) Your hat looks amazing, are we gonna get to see it on your head!? Would love to wear hats… just so fashionable but I have a long rectangular face, and having short curly hair doesn’t help… I look just awful when I remove a hat with all the hair being flat… lol!


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