weekly photo challenge: wrong

wrong way round rayon
wrong way round rayon

What’s wrong with this photo?

Well, it’s rayon for one, and I’d sworn off rayon until I get the rayon seam binding to try for finishing off seams.

Secondly, see the repeat?  Every 5.5″ on the straight grain?  There’s a narrow solid black gap (line) between each grouping.

I was going to cut the fabric down the middle, french seam the ends together, add a gathered waistband at the top using ribbon, and maybe hem the selvedge bottom.  A couple of side-seam pockets, and bob’s your uncle. done.

However, I never, neh-ver have any sort of lines going round a short, fat body.  Doesn’t mater if it’s hard to see.  I’d know it was there.

Definitely wrong!

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