whinging at seams……

transitional green skirt

transitional green skirt
after zigzag & trimming

thinking rayon seam binding.  After spending over an hour trimming and zigzagging seams on the transitional green skirt, I realized the only way the seams will last and look decent after repeated launderings is if they’re bound.

summer skirt seam

summer skirt seam
oops — didn’t even zigzag
my face is red…

Taking a look at the seams of the summer skirt, realise they need attention, too.

Drat!  Want to get these skirts finished.

Never having used rayon seam binding, I looked online for directions.  We Sew Retro has a complete tutorial, from Lilacs and Lace.

OK!  Figured 100 yd rolls were best for basics (black & white), and went to the recommended Fabric.com to order.   They had big notices about a move & delayed shipping.  Hmmm.

Long story short, did my researching off & online, then ordered 2 rolls of rayon tape, and a lovely cotton.  Yes, broke my stash-busting vow.  😦

Just checked their site: they’ve put up expected ship/arrive dates.  Looks like mine should be here 20th Aug.  11 days and counting…

Meanwhile, all things rayon are on hold until tape arrives.  Considering knits whose cut ends were zigzagged and look un-ravely after laundering…


4 thoughts on “whinging at seams……

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      I never used any stiff double fold cotton stuff, but this rayon is such a vintage detail — and so necessary for light weight, fraying fabrics — that am going to give it a go.


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