celebrating the Olympics

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I was sitting comfortably at home eating dinner and watching the opening ceremonies from London when I suddenly realized what I was consuming — where everything came from — and that inspired me, a few days later, to take a short photographic tour of the cupboard.  In honor of the Olympics, this slideshow is  presented.  Please note that everything seen isn’t consumed at one sitting!

how to do the Tim Tam slam
Nibble the ends off the bicky, then use as a straw.  Because the Tim Tam is filled and that filling will melt if you dunk the bicky in warm or hot liquids, you get a good dose of the dunked-into liquid plus the Tim Tam’s filing.

The slam part comes because you need to slam the remaining bicky into your mouth before the outer shell disintegrates into the liquid.  Note that the outer chocolate covering will probably start melting before the internal structure disintegrates.

If the bicky’s cold or frozen, you get a longer time frame; also if the dunking liquid’s cold.  But in my opinion, cold liquid, doesn’t really liquify the center sufficiently to get a blend, it’s just less messy.


PD/ forgot to photo Mr. Heinz’ can, so used one from their site


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