green transitional skirt

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Too late to post progress last night on this… but the problem-in-cutting fabric is going together very easily.  (Aside from the usual 1 pocket piece sewn in backwards – more seam letting.)  Fabric is weaseling like crazy — see all those loose threads — so will have to zigzag all seams, and started last evening.  Do wish I had my old serger…

Sorry the photos aren’t terribly logical, but they do sort of show how I use tailor’s chalk to mark wrong side of fabric (the big x’s), and put in a few details, such as pocket markings, and the diagonal seam that eventually with make the vent at skirt center back.

Keep thinking about buttons, perhaps decorative, perhaps not, on pockets….. Just took a look through me button stash, and have 2, either of which would do nicely, but just the one of each.  aaahh…….

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