week in review

spotted on telly this week
Spotted on telly this week (Masterpiece Mystery)
Colour not good pour moi, but liked the asymmetry of jabot

Sorry not to have posted this week, but it’s been busy and I’ve a project very much ahead of everything else: Downsizing. 

Donations folk came and removed several largish pieces of furniture that didn’t sell, and that spurred on the effort as we go into Phase II.

In going through fabric I **did** locate a large scrap of the summer skirt fabric – hurray!  And I’ve finally finished the hooours of ripping it took to get the final bit of hem down.  It only took almost all the new Poirets plus movie Australia to do it.

Was only able to ditch one very large and heavy piece of fabric – definitely not worth passing on to anyone as it was extremely heavy and not a pleasant “hand.”  (Bought by mail, so couldn’t judge before purchasing.)  The sort of fabric that would be improved by recycling into the black spongy stuff they put down under playgrounds in place of  concrete. (Wicked thought, forgive me, but you didn’t feel it.)

Weather moderated briefly so I did venture out to our local high street for necessities at a new location of a big-box store, and set foot into another (shoe) store.  I was good: no new shoes. And managed to let go of a pair, or two.

Will do a separate post on a new skirt from 1991 pattern.  Am trying to get out to a local yarn shop to check their buttons for the summer skirt, and will post if anything proves too precious not to bring home.

While I’m gone, perhaps the tall bookcases will magically slide into position, with contents  redistributed & dusted…

well one can dream.