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Forgot I’d done a quick photo of the summer skirt scrap, spread out atop the dark green fabric I used for the straight skirt version of this 1991 Vogue 2637 pattern. 

Thought I was cutting into lovely, fluid challis.  Don’t know what that challis’ made of, but it cut like steel wool.  Er, it didn’t cut.  I had to do one layer at a time, which made the four easy pieces eight. Grrrrrr…

I kept sharpening my scissors, and they kept grabbing every time I tried to cut a  double layer.  Even a single layer, if on bias (as pocket pieces) mangled more than cut.

But the weird thing was if I held the scissors open, I could glide them right down the grain of the fabric, rippling through a single layer of fabric as if I was ripping a natural fabric on cross-grain.  It was so strange.

Don’t know how this skirt is going to do in very hot weather, which is why I decided against the shorts view.  Know it washes easily, with few wrinkles.  Really liked the color as it matches two tops I found in green on sale at a high street shop.  Green’s so difficult to find, and I love it so much, that I was delighted to see two on sale!

Again, the fabric was purchased (also on sale) by mail, from a wee scrap that seemed to feel ok.

We’ll wind the bobbin, and get started… simple pattern which I’ve made before so should be a quick job.  Hope those aren’t ill-fated words…

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