weekly photo challenge: purple

WordPress photo challenge: purple
WordPress photo challenge: purple

This week’s photo challenge is not a favorite colour, so imagine my surprise when ideas burbled up almost instantly.   Looking up the word “purple” in an online edition of Noah Webster’s 1828 Revised Unabridged Dictionary I found this:

PUR”PLE, a. [L. purpureus; purpura, a shell from which the color was obtained.]  1. Designating a color composed of red and blue blended, much admired, and formerly the roman emperors wore robes of this color.

Having just heard a rousing singalong of “Jerusalem” as part of the Proms being rebroadcast here on U.S. radio, and knowing the Olympics are beginning in London, the burblings continued.

“Royal purple” sprang to mind, and then the above month-old photo. Although not real stones, the color is!

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