apology, catch up, and sleep shift re-do

summer sleep shift
summer sleep shift

The air conditioning stopped on Saturday, and our building couldn’t get anyone out until Monday.  Instead of sweating it out we opted to go to a small, local euro-style hotel.  Boy, did that cool, dry place feel like heaven.

I’ve ne-vah liked heat & humidity.  It rains ever ounce of energy right out of me and makes me hoarse.  (Vocal distress means your body’s under stress.)

You could call it a stay-cation except we did have luggage – clothes, toiletries, portable DVD player (and Poiret!) but no computer.  Gone for a night, it feels like forever, partly because there were so many things I’d wanted to do, and couldn’t.

So that’s my reason for not having lovely photos of skirts with new pockets.

Sorry…  ;-(

But I did at least touch the sewing machine, for a bit of mending.  That’s the fabric at the top.

selvege of summer sleep shift fabric
selvage of summer sleep shift fabric

It’s lovely, very faded and soft, but not old.  A photo of the only info on the selvage is on the left.  Can’t remember where I found it now, but it’s been around for over a decade and needed reworking.

I’d made a sleep shift out of it.  You know, just seam up the sides, leaving gaps for arms.  Then cut a hole for the neckline, sew a few quick machine hems, and you’re done.

Well, I decided it was too lovely not to wear, but too hot as-is.  Did a batch of seam ripping and made it an even simpler sleeveless strapless shift, gathered over the bust.

The finishing touches were what I managed over the weekend, and took it with me to the hotel.  Very soothing & comfy!


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    1. You are so sweet and so enthusiastic – luv that enthusiasm!
      I’ve located more of the denim (the second skirt that needs pockets), but am still looking for the yellow & orange print.


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