escaping summer

Black button bracelet
Absolutely nothing to do with this post but I forgot to mention it in earlier post about button bracelets

Just love-love-love fashions from the ’30’s, and once I discovered Nabby’s blog, This Old Life, via We Sew Retro, I was in 7th Heaven.   At the beginning of the summer I started taking time to read older posts on both, and eventually got to one from Nabby about Miss Lemon’s sweater. That started everything. 

I have a small dvd collection of David Suchet’s Poirets, including the episode she mentions, “The Adventures of the Clapham Cook,” and watched it to find the sweater.  Given summer’s heat, both weather and political, a reminder of cooler, saner times was very refreshing.  Escapist entertainment? You bet!

Maybe I should  deny it’s frivolous escapism by saying I’m really studying costuming.  I focus on the womens’ costumes and not the story.  It’s the same thing I do when watching  “Downtown Abbey” reruns.  But because I own the Poirets, I can stop the action and study the costumes. He-heee!

As I found meself watching more and more Poirets a realization dawned: It Was Time.  Time For An Addition To The Collection.  Last weekend the inevitable happened.  Frustrated by the heat, I ordered another of the movie collections.  It arrived Friday.

You know what I’m doing this weekend!