living & learning with butterick 4347

Butterick 4347 Fast & East Classics
Butterick 4347 Fast & East Classics

Have had this pattern since 1996 – Yikes!  And forgot to say anything about it’s being completed until lovely Josée’s comment reminded me. Thank you, Dear Reader!  (Do visit her delightful site!)

It’s a reliable go-to when I want something relatively easy (read mindless).  This time the medium weight of the stretch cotton fabric dictated a few changes.

Summer skirt's so-so zip
Summer skirt’s so-so zip

Choosing style A (4th from left), I kept the elastic waist, but did lots of fitting. That made a zip necessary, but as it got rid of bulk at the top (where it was sorely needed) I gritted me teeth and managed a somewhat passable job. Then added a bar-style hook at very top.

Not my greatest effort by a long chalk, but with that busy & bright pattern I decided not to worry.  Wish I’d taken time to add a pocket, too, but…

Summer Skirt completed (Butterick 4347)
Summer Skirt completed

Sometimes you just gotta get over it & get on with it!


9 thoughts on “living & learning with butterick 4347”

      1. don’t forget to post pictures, I wanna see what you will come with… What I like with pockets is you can trim them like crazy (with rickrack, laces, coordinating fabrics…) and they look awesome!


          1. I can’t comment on my post since it’s a give away but i put the link where you can purchase the pattern!


            1. Yum! Will check out tomorrow, after chores. Thank you!
              (Already looked at pocket tutorial and now have 2 skirts in the que – you’re too much, Lovely!)


  1. I have to make more aprons for the grandkids- that and dreaded mending, are the extent of my sewing– but I still love looking at patterns and fabric.


    1. I feel your frustration! “Dreaded mending” is all I seem to’ve been doing for weeks. Replace elastic here, let out seams there – lol!


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