repurposing a button stash

Wooden button bracelet
Wooden button bracelet
ca. 1990’s

Some years ago, the co-owner of my then-favorite fabric store, Gale Grigg Hazen (The Sewing Place), had many of us learning about buttons. We made button bracelets with elastic cording, and I still love mine (left). 

The Sewing  Place has been out of business for years – sob, sob.  Gale and co-owner Dale Cunningham had wonderful taste in fabrics. However, there are happy memories in lots of wardrobes & stashes. He-he!

I had gobs of buttons left over from those bracelets.  So many that several lovely Gutta Percha buttons were refused during my May antiques raid in North Carolina. (Now you know I’m certifiable.)

Must say I didn’t actually know what Gutta Percha was  (other than old) until I looked it up, and found this interesting article from the lovely and vintage 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

But to get back to buttons…

Wooden Button Necklaces
Wooden Button Necklaces

The ingenious author of PILLOWS A-LA-MODE (and first lovely reader/commenter here!) has given my button collection a new purpose:  Necklaces!

My version was a “make do with what’s to hand” project. Yarn! One brief telly program later there were 3 necklaces!

The next night I made 3 more, and had to stop meself from wearing them more than 3 days in a row!

Hm. Definitely addictive. Those lovely red and yellow and orange buttons are calling me now, so it’s only a matter of time before there are more lovelies in my collection.  Thank you, Katherine!

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