a quick project

Bottle of hand lotion

Here’s a quick thing I didn’t have time to share until now. 

I keep hand lotion on my computer desk, but hated the way the holiday ornament looked against the print on the bottle.

Last week a niggling little idea crept into me thinking: I love lacy things… what if a piece fitted around the bottle!

(Actually, putting the Celebrate cloth in the wash and looking for the next  got everything started.)

Another quick look and I’d pulled out several possibilities for that bottle.

Originally for wrapping around rolls

This one fit the bill perfectly. The shape doesn’t add too much bulk, so the finished product holds the shape of the container and doesn’t pull too much on the original stretchy cord of the ornament.  Finished!

Oh… the current tablecloth? Brilliant veggies.  Got it years ago & don’t remember where… serged the edges with bright red to match the tomatoes!


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