last night, after telly…

poly chiffon belt/scarf

Despite being ensconced in a comfy chair, I managed to plunge me digits into fabric puddled on the table before me… the 1 metre or so of faux chiffon I’d found, to act as under-bodice belt for the blue vintage garden party dress acquired last month.

Last weekend I cut it (the chiffon, not the dress!) in half lengthwise and french-seamed the pieces together to make a 1/2 metre wide, 2 metre long piece.  Then I zigzagged the two long raw edges. Feeling very virtuous, it being a Sunday, I decided to try doing the rolled edges by hand. All 4 metres.

4 metres???

That got very old very quickly, and brought sewing to an extremely slow pace. Er, halt, actually.

Rhetorical question: Do others allow a stoppage in one project to stop the flow of others?

So last night yours truly plunged in, after watching yet a-nother repeat of Trevor Eve in a silly movie-for-telly, and either did remember instructions read online or made something up as I went along.

Really just tried to roll under the already basted-by-zipzag edges while zigzagging again. Not too bad, in my humble opinion, so am declaring this project DONE!