lessons learnt

Long skirt & just-as-long w/side seam slits jacket

Long ago I found this fabric in a now-closed store in Saratoga, CA. It’s rayon, and it was expensive, but I had to have it.  (You know the feeling!)

Rayon is my favorite summer fabric.  Don’t talk to me about silk breathing – it doesn’t do a thing for me except make me hot! 

I’ll take rayon anytime. Especially when it feels like a fresh breeze wafting across your skin, as this one still does!

It’s been in storage for so long it’s verging on retro, and the pattern is long gone from my stash. (Really wish I had that jacket pattern …. )

The skirt is just loosely gathered elastic waist, with a single seam, then hemmed.

It can also be worn as a strapless dress!

Stitched & serged seams – oh, my!
All hand-sewn hems!

The workmanship surprised the heck outta me. Do forgive me if this sounds like a big pat on me own back. There are lessons I’ve learnt.

Back then (15 years ago? 20? Yike!) I was working several jobs, and didn’t have much time, so I didn’t do many things with details.  It was strictly cut/sew/wear. My serger got a lotta use, and I bought mainly cotton knits.

But, back then that’s about all you could with any stretch. (I know there were exceptions, but I don’t want to list them – forgive me!)

I had a 3-thread serger, so doing regular seams and then serging was double work. Yet I see I did them.

The long jacket has side slits, and facings all along the fronts. A lot of hand sewing, yet that, too, managed to get done.

The whole thing really surprised me, once I’ gotten it out of storage, washed it, and was ironing it. Had I really made this?

Morals for me to remember are, firstly, good fabric will inspire you to do your best.

And lastly, it will last a long time!

Some current accessories

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  1. Thank you so much for being my first lovely commenter! Tried to teach myself knitting in high school, but can never get very interested. Can’t understand why! Find crochet easier for some reason, perhaps because it was granny-taught. As I’m not a gran, there’s a bit more time to spread around.

    Am impressed so much by your publishing, and your continuing work in schools. Thank you for that, and for your blog, which I look forward to reading!


  2. Hi, Thanks for liking my Behind the Scenes post! I love your sewing projects. I hardly do any sewing anymore- making aprons for the grandkids. I prefer knitting- more portable. Lovely blog, I’m signing up..


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