American Academy of Teachers of Singing

Found an old list of reasons for studying singing several weeks ago from The American Academy of Teachers of Singing.  The organization was formed in 1922, predating  National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) which they organized in 1944.

The offshoot’s become better known than the parent, but the parent is of more interest to yours truly.

Their current list of publications should be of interest to singing students at all levels, parents interested in knowing more before they start their children’s lessons, and professional singers of all levels.  Documents are downloadable PDF files.

(As that old piece is no longer offered, yours truly won’t attach it.  The English phrasing is pre-2011, but the thoughts are sound. Am hoping they’ll revise and reload it.)

Note:  How can I become a member of the Academy?
It is not possible to apply directly to become a member of the American Academy of Teachers of Singing. Membership is exclusively by inner nomination and new members are nominated by current active members only when there is a vacancy. All nominees must have no more than two dissenting votes to become members, and when accepted, membership is for life.