going batty

Lovely LubbyGirl (the Remissionary) sent this piece of tapestry. aren't those colours glorious?! am thinking pillow, maybe with tassles... but what colour?  only have (surprise) green to hand...

Lovely LubbyGirl (REmissionary.wordpress.com) sent this piece of tapestry. aren’t those colours glorious! am thinking pillow, maybe with tassels. but what colour?
only have green (surprise) to hand.


got the brown bats done last night

got the brown bats done last night

With weather going from normal (?) mid-60’s to 80, back to mid-60’s, then down 20 more degrees, am having the dickens of a time trying to figure out what to sew that might actually get worn.

So am giving up, and just concentrating on whatever.

From bats (pattern here) to pillows – anything goes.

Speaking of pillows, I recently offload sent some patterns to LubbyGirl, and she sent me the tapestry fabric on the left as a surprise! It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L heavy upholstery cotton and I can’t bear to cut into it. So a nice big, fat pillow it shall be. With tassels, rather than fringe, don’t cha think?

Link to LubbyGirl at REmissionary, who does remarkable things with fabric she repurposes! [Just happen to know she'll sell her creations... ]   ;-)



tis the season. . .

bats on the tablecloth

hallowe’en table cloth & felt bats
pattern for bat below!

BAT Pattern

bat pattern

. . .  for bats & witches!

Have been making a tablecloth from this fabric, and bats from black felt. Still have the wee brown ones to do.

Here’s a pattern you can download onto any size paper and size as large or small as you like.

Just remember to place on the fold before cutting, either fabric or paper.


how to tea dye fabric


Remember these smarty pants? I always felt the white was too white, and knew sooner or later they were gonna get tea dyed. Done!

Here are the very rough, not-to-measure anything! steps to follow… click to start the slide show.

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No, I don’t measure the water or vinegar, and only determine number of Lipton tea bags to use after considering how large the fabric is, and how dark I’d like it to be.

You can let it sit, or swish for a minute or two, then rinse. It’s all up to you.

Does anybody else do this? Or am I the only crazy?  :-)

my over 100 pattern company list…

my over 100 pattern company list…

Okay. I rounded up just the teensiest. But with these stats, I hope you’ll forgive me.

On the page are:

  • 99 indie pattern companies – their URLs, country of origin, & notes on shipping
  • 7 major international pattern company sites
  • 6 miscellaneous pattern/sewing sites
  • 1 sewing machine needle site
  • 2 international thread manufacturers’ sites

And …

  • List first posted May 28, 2013
  • Last major revision: July 2014
  • Available to download as either 8.5×11-inch or A4 PDF
  • Updates/corrections welcomed and made as received

And it’s free!

❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤

weekly photo challenge: refraction


Last night I started thinking about cotton Lycra. and looked at some.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking milder instead of Arctic.

A time for leggings & tunics.

A time for linen with boots & a scrummy sweater.

Time for a change in direction of thinking?



Re*frac”tion, n. [F. réfraction.]  2. The change in the direction of ray of light, heat, or the like

Original WordPress post is here.

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