1930s fabric eye candy

surprise red cotton geometric remnant

surprise red cotton geometric remnant

Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler has some wonderful posts about author Elizabeth Hawes here, here, and here. After seeing the squib on her blog a month ago, and reading the NY Times article, I was hooked.  Last night I gave in and got the Kindle version of Fashion is Spinach.  Is it eveh fa-sci-na-ting!  More to come as I read further…

Surprise! Surprise! ~ found a remnant at the local indie fabric store for another Vogue 1236.  It’s a really soft cotton, and should feel soothing as we go through the dog days of summer’s heat & humidity. I think the print is sorta 1930’s retro.  What do you think?

Have been watching Poirot DVDs lately, and lusting sighing over the 1930’s fabrics.  Here’s some eye candy for inspiration…

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a funny thing happened on the way to christmas in july

coming soooooonnn . . . .

a cotton knit coming soooooonnn . . . .

Remember the great anticipation of this post?  You haven’t heard or seen anything since because UPS, the delivery company people love to hate, made a big boo-boo with my order.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is the folks in The Fabric Store’s Auckland HQ & the LA store couldn’t be nicer to work with when it comes to problems.

So my holiday is postponed a bit, awaiting resolution with UPS.

After all, fabric isn’t a widget that can be restocked when it’s returned, whilst a duplicate widget is sent out right away.  A wee bit diffy to re-weave fabric back onto the bolt.

So let’s all sit back, have another cuppa, and dream some more about what everything can become when it arrives.  Meanwhile, we all know those wools are getting closer and closer, and so are cooler temperatures.

I can’t wait.  How about you?

weekly photo challenge: containers


Con*tain”, v. t. [... fr. L. continere, -tentum; con- + tenere to hold...] 1. To hold within fixed limits; to comprise; to include; to inclose; to hold.
therefore, Con*tain”er, n. One who, or that which, contains.

What’s so wonderful about pockets?  They contain stuff.  They’re containers.  And these 2 piccies came to mind because I’ve been adding pockets to side seams of dresses this summer.

However, this post is also a container, with bits of information to share ~

updates this week…

Have you checked out Curvy Sewing Collective?  Although I’m not technically a Curvy Chick, I looked up their directions for doing an FBA and am finally understanding how it’s done.  Will give it a go when I get out of my summer shift mode, or if I make anything besides Vogue 1236!

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month here in the U.S. of A.?   That’s a busy month for me, preping for a major project in October, but maybe I can think of some way to celebrate.  ;-)

Made a dozen additions to the Resources downloadable Indie Pattern lists over here.  Take a peak!


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Other photos over here…

pantone’s autumn colours



image courtesy Pantone.com
click to go to their downloadable brochure
“Fashion Color Report, Fall 2014″

Enjoyed seeing what designers are doing with these in their Autumn collections (read the brochure, click above) – lots of ideas!

Love Cypress, and Aurora Red, whilst Misted Yellow isn’t bad… could try the Cognac, too.

What about you?!

getting on with new-2-me’s


warning: If you’re starved for fabrics different from U.S. chain stores, lock up all your plastic NOW!

Decided to put some efforts into my resolution to try some of those yummy indie patterns everyone over at The Monthly Stitch has been sewing up… and twigged that The Fabric Store, a New Zealand-based fabric store now has a location in Los Angeles.  As in this country.  And they’re doing phone orders…  so. . . . .

Above are two piccies they sent when I asked about cotton knits.  Want to do a few more of the Butterick 5432, view B (yellow dress), with maybe a Colette Macaron-as-tee-shirt.

Jane, the super-nice woman I talked with at great length,  asked if I’d considered  lyocell.  That’s a rayon fabric ~ and you know how I love rayon ~ I was up for it.  Presto! Lyocell added to the cotton knits.

Then, as Summer’s getting into high gear here, I asked about linens.  Scroll down the linked page to linens.  I ordered the first one, top left – the orangey floral.  Maybe Colette’s Juniper pants will get tried out.  A bit late for that Monthly Stitch challenge, but better late than never.

I asked about their New Zealand merino wools.  Swatches coming from those, too.  Yep, wools are in the store even though it’s Summer.  Plus, the store’s getting their winter wools in soon.

Project Diary blog(I am so bad – just saw some luscious pomegranate wool on their blog.  Scroll down to see this gloriously relaxed sweater project by  one of their staff people.  The fabric looks so yummy.  Wonder if. . .   )

They currently stock Papercut and Vogue patterns, so the Circle Top & Pneuma Tank are also on their way.  Can you tell I’m planning on being quite naughty for some time to come?

In their Fabric Gallery section, wools here, with Japanese (translated into English) sewing books at bottom.

How would I describe my shopping experience?  Absolutely top notch.  Jane spent beau-coup time, discussing colours and fabrics, making & sending shots of her suggestions, and dealing with my additions.  She was very helpful, patient, and really knows her stock.  As there’s a flat fee for shipping ($20), I decided to combine several things on my Summer & Autumn lists (thus those additions), which I’m hoping will redeem me somewhat amongst frugal readers.  They have a Preferred Shopper card, in $50 increments; a full card (forgot to ask that amount) nets you $50 in fabric.


  • They’re too far away for me to visit.
  • Their shipping service isn’t fully developed because the store’s so new.
  • There are faaar too many fabrics for me to try to choose from!

other bloggers’ posts


I’m awaiting my own little Christmas in July package.  Come on, Santa ~ get a moooove on . . . .

weekly photo challenge: relic


Rel”ic, n. [L. reliquiae, pl., akin to relinquere to leave behind.]  1. That which remains; that which is left after loss or decay; a remaining portion; a remnant.

“a remnant”
A magic word for people who sew!  The remnant table/box/end-of-the-bolt section is often the first place we’ll look.  Even online fabric sites are starting to include them.

I’ve found some great pieces in those piles, including these.


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Other photos over here…

and the winner is …


it’s high summer in the northern hemisphere ~ hot & humid, above 100 f ~ time for the vivid veggies tablecloth (100% cotton, ca. 1995)

Time also to announce our give-away winner – long-time reader LubbyGirl!

Her blog includes a lot of re-purposing.  Something we all need to be doing a lot more of, so check out her site!

Congratulations, L!  It’s on the way.

Thanks to everyone who entered!